Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Just keep paddling..

Day 4 promised to be a long one and they weren't wrong, we had amazing hospitality at the home-stays in Hurley with talk of power showers and memory foam mattresses.  We paddled onwards towards Maidenhead and Staines. The river widened and the homes on either side became grander and grander. Some of their garages were more extensive than the Adventure Plus barn. We rode the crest of the pleasure boats as Andy and Glyn met us with bananas and chocolates in Windsor park. The Queen wasn't home but we may see her in a few days in London. We were joined on the journey by Superman, Supergirl a Thunderbird, dentist and a crocodile as some of the paddlers participated in dress up day. There was an interesting rendition of Amazing Grace in four part harmony as we cruised under Staines bridge. The bells rang out as we approached St Peter's Church. Where we were welcomed by a variety of meals cooked for us by the generous parishioners.

Day 5 and we steamed up the river we had a target of 5.30 as the canoe club has a busy Wednesday night. Andy and Lizzy missed us at the first lock as we were moving at such a pace!
We are really hitting our strokes hard. We took advantage of the tide at Teddington and blasted into Richmond at 4.40... well ahead of schedule giving us the opportunity to see some of the top UK paddlers in action in the C2s and K1s....  wow is all I can say...

We were again blessed with generous hospitality and amazing people as we bed down... our final night before the big push into town tomorrow.

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