Tuesday, 14 May 2013

We did it?

Day 6 and the wind was gusting at 50mph Josh and Jon monitored the situation carefully and after an amazing brunch cooked by the team we got kitted up for the final push to Westminster. Getting on the river proved a little challenging as the waves were high and the tide was retreating but we were successful in our launch and valiantly paddled towards Kew bridge.

It was decided that a raft of canoes would be more successful than individual crafts and so we rafted up in two groups. Josh steering one and Rachel the other. Our support team was there as always at Putney to welcome us with hot drinks and bananas and I changed by slightly soggy top for a drier model. It was fantastic to see the well know structures of Battersea power station and telecom tower looming in the distance.
We headed out onto the water again and sailed on with makeshift sails (paddles and hospital clothing) and sped onto the city centre. A number of supporters spotted us on the way cheering from bankside at Chelsea and Vauxhall. Then we saw it.... the palace of Westminster glistening in the mist.

Our numerous supporters on the Terrace and the bridge...What an experience thank you to all the wonderful people who supported us financially and emotionally along the way.

We had done it. 4 Distil 3A+ Staff and 12 supporters and the Olympic flame zipped under the bridge to tumultuous applause and then a swift landing at South bank center. We went on to the Doggett's Coat and Badge pub for our reception.

Margaret Armitage, Anna Bainbridge, Paul Bell, Simon Bell,
Oliver Bennett, Lucy Cox, Jon Cox, Roger Crossley,
Luke Crossley, Jenni Davies, Rachel de Quidt, Lucy Downer,
 Rachel Everett, Max Hughes, Josh Jones, Lizzy Longstaff,
Sid Rees, Donna Williams, David Waters

A special thanks to the amazing people who accommodated us on the way:  
St Helen's Abingdon
St Thomas's Goring
The River Church Hurley
St Peter's Staines
Richmond Canoe Club

Also massive thanks to the brilliant land support crew... we couldn't have done it without you:
Andy McCullough, Robert Berry, James Harbinson, Alison Findlay

Photo: Glyn Rees: support team superman
and Glyn Rees

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  1. Thanks and exceptionally well done to all the canoeists.