Wednesday, 3 July 2013

And Breathe!

Wow... June was a busy month so busy I have only had 3 days in the office we were blessed with the opportunity to work with lots of great people in a number of locations....

Quinta 1 5th June

Rachel, Jonny, James and I headed up to Quinta to work with the Year 6s from Manor Primary school. We had great fun instructing them in the noble arts of Fencing and Archery while getting in a cheeky climb at World's End.

Isle of Purbeck 5th-7th June: Simon and Jenni headed out with Paddy and Josh to complete their BEL expedition in the beautiful Dorset landscape. They successfully navigated their way and demonstrated excellent leadership skills while enjoying the stunning views that the area has to offer.

Quinta 2 - 10th-16th June

Batt school residential. A fantastic opportunity to mix with the Year 6s from The Batt School. We took the lead in Fencing, Archery, Team building, Mountain biking, Low ropes, Woodland challenge, canoeing, Mountain biking. We participated in wide games and a bonfire enjoying the amazing cooking of Charles and Grace. We walked through the canal tunnel at Chirk and were wowed by the awesome scenery of Shropshire.

Wendover, Prestwood, New College and Dragon 19th-21st June

The guys headed over to Prestwood to work with the young people from the schools taking the climbing wall and building relationships through team building, biking and Kayaking.

While I continued to work with the young people at New College and Dragon on Archery, Climbing and Canoeing.

Ashburnham 24th-28th June

We headed down to Ashburnham in Sussex to work with the girls of Kent College through a range of activities including, Rafting, Biking, Canoeing, Kayaking, Team games, Fencing, Archery. We were blessed with sunshine and the suncream got a good hammering.

Wall bookings: 

We also took the wall on a number of outings. We are getting pretting slick at getting the wall up and down. Working with over 200 climbers this month at:

  • Wendover and Prestwood Schools
  • Blake School
  • Springfield School
  • Stonesfield School


We participated in a number of community events working with the Oxfordshire Play association at their Armed forces events across the county. Taking the tricky trail and circus skills with us.

As you can see a busy month which would not have been possible if it were not for the:

Home Team:


Away Team:

Andy, James, John-Luke, Jon, Jonny, Josh, Jenni, Margaret, Rachel, Sid and Simon

Outstanding Volunteers

David W, David W, James F, James H, Josh, Matt, Michael, Paddy, Ruth and Steve


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