Friday, 30 August 2013

So long farewell auf wiedersehen.... Good bye

Sid it is impossible to have one best event! Right near the top has got to be the wonderfully glorious week of Witney to Westminster. Marvellous week of paddling, chatting, laughing and singing our way to Westminster. Praise God for that! I loved all the residentials, spending so much time with the kids.

My favourite week with Adventure Plus has got to be Peak Adventure last summer, meeting everyone and discovering all the A+ activities. 

Massive love to my Distil team. I will always smile thinking about our mad training sessions, being very silly during work, and sometimes being dragged through the training but always seeming to triumph! I have above everything loved all the time with the team - I have immensely enjoyed spending lots of time with everyone. There's been many crazy and wonderfully blessed times. 

So that is it.... Year one finished.... Some challenges over come and some amazing experiences had... we hope that we have made a difference... if we have brought just one person closer to God we have achieved so much. It is by his spirit that we can continue to Live Life to the Max!

oh and before I go the result you have all been waiting for.... the TILE CHALLENGE... Congratulations to Miss Rachel de Quidt who won a Cottsway T-Shirt. We will be looking forward to seeing her sporting it round the office... well done!

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