Thursday, 26 September 2013

All things bright and beautiful....

As we said goodbye to the old team a new team emerges as a Phoenix out of the ashes.... JL has moved on to pastures new and we with him every success at the lighthouse group in Reading. He has been replaced by JP.

All The J's 

We at adventure plus enjoy our J's - Jon C,
Josh J 

James S,   
Josh S 

and Jenni. 

JP is a former DisTILer circa 2006/7 I will let him introduce himself later in the month. At the moment we are still very much in full steam mode! Over the last 3 weeks we have trained the new team in Belaying, Food Hygiene, Low Ropes, Paddling (Kayaks and Canoes), Team building and Woodland Challenge. We have also introduced them to Quinta, Dragon and Trailer checks! - They have certainly hit the ground running and have done themselves proud. We are looking forward to the next few weeks as we seemingly move into Quinta to run our busy residential program. Good times!   

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