Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Know your leader - Jenni

What was the last film I watched: Bourne Supremacy - awesome!
What was the last piece of music you bought: It's been a while..must've been 'Cornerstone' by Hillsong - some little bits of heaven in there! 
What was the last meal you ate at a restaurant: A big, fat but very lovely roast at The Plough, Witney.
If you could go anywhere (money and time no object) where would you go?  So many places! Romania for the mountains - pretty awesome apparently - during an interailing trip around eastern Europe. Would then fly to India because it's all round beautiful and then a grand 'finale' (just warming up!) in Argentina 'cos I've heard it's amazing!!!!  And then there's all the gems in our green and pleasant land.....
What are you most looking forward to this year: So much (!) but most looking forward to getting to work with more brilliant young'uns and seeing them bloom and grow! 

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