Monday, 11 November 2013

You shall go to the Ball!

"Every girl dreams of being a princess" - Do they? I don't think I ever did but then God made us all unique! - I do however enjoy a good formal! The Williams F1 conference centre, Wantage offers the perfect balance of fast race cars and oil with the glamour of the ball room.

The night began with the usual flurry of excitement as we inflated over 100 green balloons with helium (a finite resource but so much fun!) and laid out the chocolate cars. lovingly crafted by the beautiful Maria. The band arrived and began to warm up and the A+ crew were decked out in their finery (cleanest polo shirts and shoes!)

Guests began to arrive and were treated to a display of the Williams cars. Champagne was flowing and the simulator race was hotly contested as prizes were won on the lucky dip.

We searched for Jenson and viewed the auction prizes. Dinner was served and the guests enjoyed a 3 course extravaganza! Alex Burns former CEO of Williams gave us an insight into the formula one scene as he was quizzed over the minuet differences that can lead to race success or failure.

As the total crept up, due to the pledges received from our amazing supporters who want to help us build the urbaNcouNtry vision, we got to share the brilliant work that we do with a number of new friends.

The gavel fell at the auction of fantastically generous prizes from a variety of people including Bradley Wiggins' yellow jersey and a week in the Lake District.

The band Blue Whisky began to play as the tables were pushed back to open up the dance floor.

The silent auction concluded as we wished Anna Cox a happy birthday.

The final total was announced........

a fantastic £43,000 on the night we can't thank you enough for your support. The task has begun and the goal has been set. with God's blessings and your help we can achieve our mission to enable people to "Realise their potential through Adventure & Education in a positive Christian Environment”

If you want to know more. Please get in touch

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