Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas is coming.......

Day 1 of the Advent season this year fell on a Sunday. Quite unusual but it does mean that you get to light your advent wreaths on the first day that you open your calendars! This year we were discussing advent and what it means...
1) Preparation
2) Expectation
3) Excitement
4) The fulfillment of a prophesy
5) Chocolate

Most advent calendars these days have a small treat inside, normally a chocolate but I have seen percy pigs, toys and jigsaw pieces. We decided that this was a good thing but also a little humdrum. So the challenge was set....

Instead of a chocolate could a cake be produced for each day of Advent that we are in the office?

Day 1- Jon's Birthday cake so he got to choose! - A victoria sponge with Black Forest Fruits Icing

 Day 2 - Coffee and Walnut Cake

Day 3 - Lemon Curd Cake

Day 4 - Ginger Cake
Day 5 - Carrot Cake

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