Monday, 23 December 2013

December training challenges - Josh and Luke

Josh and Luke share their opinions on the training they have received over the last few weeks.


During the archery training I had lots of time to improve my aim, learn about each of the components that are used to construct a bow and how to fix them. The course really helped with my understanding of how to structure a session and I especially loved being allowed to see how far I could shoot, ending up at around nearly 100m!

The course on our level 1 canoe/kayak coach qualification with the BCU came soon after that. This was the first time we worked with people from other activity centres and we soon hit it off, quickly falling into the routine of working together to help each other complete their part of the course. We learnt a lot from the instructors during our time there and had great fun messing around on the boats (mostly ending up with us sinking while we laughed). Overall I feel it helped me improve as an instructor as it really helped expand my understanding of all the different aspects involved.

Then came the fencing training, while this only lasted two days, I had great fun improving my skills in fencing and learning all bout the sport, from its history to how best to engage the people you are working with.

Finally we had our BEL award (Basic Expedition Leadership) introduction. Normally the instructor in this is just told each aspect of the course but instead we were each given a section, told to find out about it and then to present on it. This helped me improve my understanding of each section and helped each part remain retained in my memory. Most days were then followed by amazing walks in places like Blenheim Palace and were great experience for any later work we will do.

However with Christmas nearly here I think I’m just about ready for a short break with my family


It has been a great few weeks of training at Adventure Plus. I particularly enjoyed my BCU training and assessment (Canoes and Kayaks). It was a fantastic four days out at Ashburnham Place and we met some great new friends who were also taking the course. I learnt new paddle strokes while I was there and how there are different ways to coach a group. Never would have thought I would enjoy Kayaking as much as I do now.

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  1. Great having you fellas on the team. Have an Excellent Christmas & a well earned break. 2014 is just round the corner... Bring it On :-)