Thursday, 12 December 2013

Schools focus

School bookings are our bread and butter during the winter months. We are blessed with regular bookings at at a number of schools in the area. We run lunchtime or afterschool activity sessions at The Dragon and New College school, Oxford and Madley Brook, Springfield and Abingdon & Witney College, Witney. I asked the guys what they enjoy most about these events and what a typical session might look like:

Simon heads up Dragon and New College

What I enjoy most about working with Dragon and New College is the children's constant energy and enthusiasm. They can also have a great sense of humour.

A typical Dragon or New College session can be described as chaotically fun.  The pupils at Dragon have two days with us. One on a Friday and one on a Saturday. The Friday Dragon session is for Year 3 and they have the choice of either canoeing or climbing. The canoeist will usually head upstream on the river cherwell whilst playing some games and learning some strokes along the way. The climbers will use the onsite climbing wall at the end of the sports hall  and try to scale the heights there.

Saturday Dragon is for the Junior Boarders who will usually have the choice of either: canoeing, biking, circus skills, climbing or archery. This is done usually for a full hour and a half or 2 different activities for 45 minutes.

New college occurs on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Tuesday New College is a 40 minute lunch time club for year 3. They will learn about either, poi, juggling, plate spinning or diablo. The boys will usually end the session with  a 10 minute demonstration of all the skills they have learnt over the session.

On Wednesday at New College, the boys get up to some archery. The boys will either be practicing their general shooting, bursting some balloons or playing some crazy games with Rachel, Emily and myself.

Sid heads up Madley Brook

On a Thursday Afternoon we'll head up to the Bronze Barrow and work with 24 Year 5 and 6s. We run two clubs simultaneously one for Archery and the other for Fencing. The school has quite a big sports hall which is split in two for the sessions. I have been running the Archery Sessions while Jenni has been running Fencing. The pupils really seem to be enjoying their sessions as they develop their aim and improve their consistency. Jenni really enjoys working with the young people as they improve their accuracy of hits and develop their defensive techniques. We are working towards the inaugural pirate tournament to be held in the week before Christmas. What is great about working with the schools on a regular basis is the opportunity to develop relationships with the young people. To see them on a weekly basis and to have a greater input into lives than we would if it were just a one off taster session. We also get the opportunity to share experiences and see them develop in their chosen sports. Good times.

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