Thursday, 19 December 2013

Training Triathalon - Boat, Bike, Walking

The First years have been hard at it over the last couple of weeks in their very own training triathlon.... they have been on the water, walking across Oxfordshire and fencing in the hall. I asked each of them to let me know how it was for them......


Training at Adventure Plus is fun! This last month has been full of it. The major ones being BEL (Basic Expedition Leader) and BCU Level 1 (Which is the level 1 in canoe and kayak coaching) The Level 1 was at Ashburnham Place for 5 days, it was an amazingly fun but tiring week. We were improving our personal skills in learning new techniques and improving old ones. We were showing off our rescue skills with throwlines and deepwater rescues and we were learning the fundamentals in canoe coaching. Mainly based around the IDEAS model. Through out the week we were also planning, delivering and evaluating mini coaching sessions in kayaks, canoes and sea kayaks. The course was run by Jon Cox from A+ and Martin Larrington from St. Georges House, Devon. There was 5 on the course from A+ us three first years (Josh, Ben and Luke), David Waters (a volunteer who has had lots of involvement with A+ recently who is a great bloke) and JP who needed to renew his qualification. There were also another 7 on the course from two other christian outdoor centres (Fellowship Afloat and CYE), it was great to meet them and get some insight into how similar centres run.

BEL training has been an incredibly enjoyable part of this month as well; it has been 8 days with the experienced and knowledgeable Josh Jones. It was us 3 first years and JP learning the skills required to take a group out into the countryside, this included walking and campcraft. The time was split 50 50 between the classroom and the outdoors - with one overnight looking at our camping and cooking skills - meaning we got plenty of opportunities to go out and experience what the Oxfordshire countryside has to offer.

We also did our 2 day fencing course recently. This was another good course ran by Allan Skipp who has amazing experience and knowledge of fencing. We improved our own skills a lot and learnt how to coach the basic skills, as well as run a good session.

I love the feeling of learning all these things and gaining all these really useful qualifications; and doing it alongside some great people.

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