Tuesday, 18 February 2014


It's the winter Olympics and Britain have won their first medal on snow. We also have a Gold on the skeleton. Adventure Plus have decided to take on the challenge and head out to Switzerland to take on the world cup run. Here is what they've been up to over the last couple of days...

Well what an adventure! We all left the office at 6pm on Friday night and arrived over the course of 12hrs on the Saturday, the LT and the boys were first to arrive followed by the Crafter and the girls 5 hours later, lastly Jenni turned up with the Goldhill Coach at 11.30pm! But all are well and here at last!

On the Ferry things got a little bit “rocky”, Nick, Simon, Josh, Russell, and I spent most of the time on the deck as it was extremely windy but exciting. Problems with the weather meant our convoy got delayed and separated but there were no problems this year on the journey across! The time we spent journeying was 17 hours so once everyone got to the chalet we all chilled out/slept and relaxed until everyone else arrived. 

Best present of all was that we arrived to a snowy Lauterbrunnen – which means much more snow on the top :)! We had a couple of guests over for dinner (Guy and Rachel) from Goldhill –as their coach had not arrived yet they were without food so we had a couple of guests to join us for our first meal of chili and rice cooked by the wonderful Sid before we left… thank you Sid!

A good night’s sleep is in order for everyone! We hit the slopes first thing in the morning! 

Day 2

“Today was our first day of skiing and the first thing I thought was how magnificent the view looked (even though you couldn't see too far as it was really snowing), mountains covered in snow as far as you could see, it was beautiful. The skiing was fantastic fun as well; even though I wiped out I kept on going and felt I really progressed on that day"     

Everyone was separated into their skiing groups and those not in ski school were finding their feet on the snow … some taking longer than others …JP! Everyone enjoyed their first taste of snow and are looking forward to more days on the slopes – let’s hope for better weather tomorrow and more snow! – You can never have too much snow! 

Dinner was a creamy chicken and pasta splendor :-) everyone tucked into the food after a long day on the slopes – very much earned by everyone! 

I Introduced the theme for the week: 

1 Timothy 4 

“Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but, be an example to all believers in the way you talk, the way you live, in your love, your faith and your purity” 

A challenge was set for all to learn the memory verse and to challenge any leaders to see whether they knew it as well! Get those brains going people! Another good night’s sleep is in order for all … lets pray for clear skies! 

Day 3

Prayers answered!... “Today we woke up with the sun shining and when we got to the top it was just fantastic, the sun was shining on the mountain and the snow was sparkling in the sun. Most of the time I just wanted to look at the view was it was just such a sight to see in the clear sky.” 

The second day is always a shock to the system with the initial adrenaline surge dying down and the muscles beginning to hurt some people found it much harder going today. Every little practice makes perfect however!  Perseverance is key in learning to ski or board, balance and patience are the things needed for succeed on the slopes. It was amazingly warm and clear – many jaw-dropping moments had by the wonderful scenery around us all! People spent all day on the slopes with the final few only arriving back at 6pm! They certainly love the slopes – these brave and intrepid few were Simon, Santino and Kirstie. 

Dinner tonight is chicken and tomato, prepared by Jenni and Milena. 

Later on I will be unpacking “the way we speak” as examples to others around us. People are enjoying relaxing together, playing cards/monopoly and generally having a great time! Bring on the rest of the week! 

Tonight Pete is sporting the Wipeout Onesie costume complete with hula chain and a shower cap :-), very fetching Pete! 

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