Friday, 14 February 2014

MIAS accomplished!

We did it! - We passed! - Well we now have to consolidate our experience and gain our BEL to be awarded MIAS. Congratulations to Tim and Sid who already have those! The rest of the team will work towards it over the next couple of months. I asked the guys what they thought of the whole experience.

Ben said "I thought it was good I enjoyed the downhill sections, I also found the uphill sections fun too! In actual fact I thought that the whole biking experience was great.

Josh S said "I was quite apprehensive at first but as I got used to the bike and what I was supposed to do it became more enjoyable and I now feel a lot more confident on my bike. I am looking forward to doing more as the events come rolling in!"

JP said "It was good fun, very muddy, quite slippy but great to be out on a bike. Enjoying the great the British weather in all its changeability. I was Very proud of everyone who completed the course :)

Luke said "I really enjoyed it, it reminded me how much I enjoyed mountain biking as a child and it has given me the confidence to instruct young people in the future"

Jonny  said "It was a wonderful start back to being at A+, It was good to get to know the new DisTIL team in a professional capacity"

Good Times

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