Friday, 14 March 2014

TA Ski revealed

 Simon shares his experiences during the second half of TA Ski 

On Wednesday, we headed back to Winteregg to enjoy the red and blue runs there for onesie Wednesday. As it was onesie Wednesday, I donned my hot dog costume and made my way down the slopes and eventually back up to Murren to collect my long lost bag from the day before. School was out that day so we enjoyed our respective mornings/ afternoons off going off-piste and generally just enjoying the nice sun. Pete and JP on their boards tried to manage some jumps with some brave and some successful efforts. Back at the chalet after the days skiing, everyone else donned their onesies, some heading into town in all their glory, ready for JP's talk.

On Thursday the beginner group headed straight to Mannlichen to do some blue runs, while the other morning groups headed to Kleine Scheidegg to try and navigate their way to Mannlichen too. This involved a few first times on a T bar lift, with some hilarious results from Kirstie who managed to wipeout herself and Simon. During the afternoon, yet more fun was to be had, with Jenni and Kirsty taking Russel down a decent blue.

On Friday we headed back to Kleine Scheidegg for our final batch of lessons. The snow was coming down fast and thick giving everyone plenty of fresh powdwery snow to ski on. Some parts of the pistes got so much snow they began to look like they were off-piste. Simon, Jenni and Kirstie headed down the wall of death for a second time with minimal wipe-outs within the group. Luke, Toby and Russell ended their week showing off their skills on some more blue runs. Josh, after managing multiple reds through the week, ended up doing a black run on his final day, which is amazing for someone who has never skiied before this week. 

Saturday and It was time to go home. Everyone packed their bags into the minibuses and those that wanted too, headed back to Winteregg for a final time. It was a beautiful sunny day and after the huge amounts of snow from the day before, the pistes were perfect. Unfortunately, this was the day that Russell fell awkwardly and hurt his knee. After visiting the doctor he was given the all clear and was able to make his way back to the chalet. The rest of us who were on the slopes carried on skiing until 2 when the inevitable task of packing our last things and leaving sprung upon us. The journey home was smoother in more than one sense of the word (ferries) and we all made it back to the white cliffs of Dover in one piece.

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