Thursday, 24 April 2014

Everything is awesome....

We have been truly blessed with the opportunity to work with lots of people in a variety of settings. This is what the guys have been up to over the last month:


I have been up to quite a lot in the last two months at APlus. After getting back from a fantastic time skiing in Switzerland, Josh, Ben and I had our Bushcraft assessment. We were staying at Standlake Ranch. There we learnt all the skills we needed to be able to confidently teach and run a bushcraft session. This involved setting up Tarps, making a fire and learning about the environment around us. I think we all felt like Ray Mears after the two days we were there with the knowledge we gained.

In late March to early April we went on our BEL training expedition.  I thought I was going to enjoy it a lot more than I did but I found it hard with my back pains coming back, but Josh Jones and Sid helped me a lot on those days to keep my mind off it, this involved Josh asking me to tell him the whole story of Breaking Bad while we were walking. In the end I managed to finish the expedition and I was proud of that.

On 7th April a few of us (Me, JP, Jon, Chris, Dai, and Lucy) went to Word Alive (Christian worship event) for two weeks (second week Sid came to help out) to help promote the Adventure Base and DisTIL.  I had a fantastic time and made some great friends there. The people there loved coming to our stand to learn more about Adventure Plus. The Climbing Wall we took with us was a big hit for the children and adults there. The weather was amazing for both the weeks. Jon and I went to sermons to talk about adventure plus and it was great to see the people watching really taking an interest in what we do. JP also managed to get people interested in DisTIL for next year which was great to see. The sermons themselves were very good, I went to hear a speaker called Melvin Tinker who did a great job preaching about God’s Providence and I made sure to go to each day to his sermons. The great thing about Word Alive was that even though we were all working hard (10am to 11pm, breaks included) it felt a bit like a holiday as we were relaxed and finding time to explore the place and enjoy ourselves. Word Alive is certainly a highlight of my first year with APlus and I would love to go to Word Alive next year :-).

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