Monday, 28 April 2014

Everything is cool.....


So an update on the last few months... Let’s see, following on from our time skiing on the Swiss Alps during TA Ski we started last month by jumping into our Bushcraft training. Now I personally loved this as it allowed me to utilise my skills as a scout leader with the fire and camping, yet I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t know all there was to know as Josh Jones had soon taught me more about making shelters. I ended up learning about where to build your shelter, the great variety of shelters you can make with only a few materials and of course how to properly set up these shelters! All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my time out in those woods.

Soon after that we ended up preparing ourselves for the book launch, an event back in merry old London. This event lead to many a conversation with some great people and to catching up with some friends and all in all was highly enjoyable. But while we were all highly professional we still managed to find time to have a good laugh.

Then came the Distil expedition, we had combined both the DofE gold
practice expedition and the BEL practice expedition into one so that the moment we finished one we just walked for the next. At first this was rather hard as it started nice and sunny but soon turned sour as it started to rain, now if that wasn’t enough we had in our planning forgotten to get enough food for lunch on all days meaning that we were tired, grumpy, damp and hungry. All in all not a good state of mind... However the next day was the beginning of a massive turn around as the sun stayed out and our load to carry was gradually becoming lighter throughout the week, this coupled with the amazing scenery led to a great time to be had!

A week later marked the start of TA Easter, the two week long day camp for the children in Witney. In all this was amazing as the children were amazing to work with, while we were always finding new ways to be silly and have fun (still unsure if Simon acting as "homemade" lemonade tester was sillier than Jenni's Hungarian rap packing dance). Yet while we were having so much fun it quickly became apparent that all these activities were taking their toll as we all became more and more tired throughout the weeks that passed.

Finally at the end of the two weeks we had the Easter break which while shorter than what I am used too was more than enough time for me to laze around and meet up with my friends back at home, but if you're  reading this you probably already knew that was what I'd do.

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