Friday, 25 April 2014

...if you have team work...


April has been a busy month so far, I'm still trying to catch up on sleep. 

My team on week A of TA Easter
I was on both weeks of Total Adventure Easter. Running from 7th-10th and 14th-17th. It was very fun and tiring for good reasons. We had brilliant team of A+ staff, volunteers and junior leaders all kept in order by Rachel. Over these two weeks I gained loads of experience as well as having fun. Things I learnt from the two weeks include group management skills and working with a varied team.
A example some of the great teamwork we saw
Over these two weeks I had lots of experience of leading; activities I led for first time were Kayaking, Orienteering, Wide games and Fencing.

Also in the second week I was asked to do a talk as part of the roadshow (I also led the children in a song). One of the time things that really stuck out to me over the two weeks was the genuine kindness of the children; we didn't have issues of people falling out or bullying but I saw so many examples mutual encouragement and selflessness.

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The other tiring but amazing thing that I got a chance to do in April was to go on a walking trip with JP and Sid. We had four days off for Easter so we headed up to Scotland on the first day which unfortunately took us 10 hours. After a very cold night camping we then headed out on to the surrounding mountains of Pitlochry. After another slightly less cold night of camping we headed out to the other side of the valley to explore some less walked mountains which were truly beautiful. The next day we went for a walk in the Peak district on the way back home.

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