Wednesday, 23 July 2014


June has been super sunny! We have been blessed with lots of sunny days. But it wouldn't be England without the odd downpour. Some of the best times we've had with young people have been sheltering from the odd shower under the trees! It's not about the right weather it is about the right outfit! -

We had a brilliant time at two residentials :

The Batt School 

Their year 6s joined us at Quinta - The week was filled with Archery, Tree Climbing, Low

Ropes, Tricky Trail, Fencing, Canoeing and Rafting. The thought for the week encouraged us to SMILE (See Miracles in Life Everyday) Evening entertainment included the annual bonfire where songs were sung and stories told.
Charles and Grace provided a menu to die for! Thanks guys it was awesome.

Kent College 

Their year 7s joined us at Ashburnham - The weeks activities include Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Kayaking, Low Ropes, Site Walk and Archery. Evening entertainment included an extremely hard fought capture the flag and tug of War. (competitive spirit was found in abundance)

Both sites provide beautiful scenery and an opportunity for peace between the hubub of the activities. They are fantastic places to get to know young people and for them to challenge themselves outside the normal parameters that school provides.

I really enjoy this part of my job, an opportunity to really get to know the young people and to challenge some of their preconceptions. Give them something to remember for years to come. How many of you remember your trip away? - Where did you go? What activities did you do? - Can you remember what you did in Maths class the week before or the week after?

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