Thursday, 7 August 2014

TA Peak

Total adventure holidays our chance to really share God's creation with young people. It is in my opinion the best weeks of the year. I was blessed to join the team for Total Adventure Peak here are my reflections as the week went on.....


Well we are well under way and we have been truly blessed with a fine weather and fantastic company. Simon and I have been in the thick of things transporting young people and organizing activities. The roadshows have given an opportunity to get to know God better through our speaker Jono Hodson as he has so far shared the story of Mephibosheth and Esther. We are learning who God is and how much he cares about us. Being encouraged to see Miracles. Activity sessions have been awesome, The canoeists are enjoying a chilled session on the Wye from Glasbury to Hay. The climbers have been enjoying the crag at Morlais quarry - They even managed to get in a few abseils. Bikers have been cruising the roads around the centre. On site High ropes have presented us with some challenges. We are very much looking forward to D-day and all that will bring on Wednesday....


Wow what can I say except Agent P you are a legend

D-day was awesome... we were pushed to our limits and challenged to step up our game as we battled many obstacles to become fully fledged members of A+ covert team... I could reveal more but I have signed the official secrets act so am unable to divulge any further information.... my memoirs may reflect some of the challenges that were presented but for now all I can say is that bins are not that comfortable to sit in!
Charles and Grace have outdone themselves this year the food has been fantastic. I don't think I have heard a single complaint from campers and leaders a like. 


Thursday started with a lie in - although JP, Josh, Ezzie, Dave W and I took it as an opportunity for a mini triathlon (cycle to the river, swim in the river, cycle back to the centre, and then run to the showers to warm up!!) it certainly drew some attention from passers by on the bridge but it's a good time of year to be in the river. It was followed by another full day of activities and an interesting performance of plastic trombones on the river Wye. TA had lots of talent with some start performances and a return of the opera singing Simon Bell.


The TA court convened and found numerous leaders of some dubious crimes. Jon was found guilty of 17 ranging from too short shorts to being late. 
The group enjoyed final onsite activities and our last lunch together, as we travelled back to Witney we got to reflect on a truly awesome week. We are looking forward to the reunion on 27th-28th October. Don't forget to SMILE! 

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