Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye....

 My year with Adventure Plus is coming to an end, my student finance payments are all set up and my accommodation offer has been accepted. I thought I could share a few things about my year on the Adventure Plus DisTIL training year....

I shall start close to home and talk about life in the Crawley house (the house shared by the DisTIL team) and in the office. I didn’t have too many expectations coming into this. Many great moments have been shared as you can imagine. Some epic dishes have been served (including a spaghetti pie and the deepest lasagne I have ever seen) and some things got broken (The funniest was the ceiling above Luke’s bed which he punched a hole in after being woken up by a leak in the roof, I don’t think the hole helped, the duct tape did though.) Life in the office has given me some great experience but it is hard to get on with work while being surrounded by terrific people. I have learned about admin work as well as other odd things like how to attach two canoes on to a car and a how to sew up juggling balls that have been nibbled by mice. A lot things I have learnt are really useful though like car maintenance and DIY.

My favourite aspect of the year has been the training; it is when we have an excuse for being out there. There is nothing better than experiencing the great outdoors with some wicked people. 

I want to thank Josh and JP especially for helping us through our training and making it super fun along the way. Some memorable moments from the training are sharing a tarp with Luke for the night, learning to roll and messing around in the pool sessions and our various journeys via foot, mountain bike and paddle.

Luke says:

I have had a lot of great memories working with Ben. With Ben there have been three very recent events in which it was great to be with him. The first was my Sisters' welcome back surprise party. It was great to see him meet my friends and make new ones. It was a nice way to say that he is always welcome here. The second was on a very hot day we went down to the river and just spent a good two hours just jumping in and making friends with a cat. The third great memory was when we went to the Cogges student BBQ. It was just us two from DisTIL and it was great to share our memories of fun events with others there.

It's been great to have Ben on the team for this year and we'll remember his unwavering energy levels and positivity even when the situations were wet and cold - always up for an adventure! Ben has been able to get out there and experience what adventures can be found locally as well as more wider afield with walks back from Cheltenham and wild camping along the way. We'll miss him but he's part of the A+ family, just as anyone who does DisTIL is - always welcome back and we hope to see him soon.
It's obvious that he's enjoyed himself lots and has equipped himself with lots of skills that will be useful in his next step at Uni. There can be lots to write on here but if you'd like what you read and would like to have adventures of your own then get in contact with us here at A+ - click this link!

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