Tuesday, 28 October 2014

It is I, your new writer in my happy place
New Year, new Chapter

Welcome back to another exciting year for Adventure Plus with your new writer for the DisTIL blog! Not only do we have a returning member to our DisTIL team (the one and only Marcus Walsh). We have also now raised enough money to move to our new Adventure Base in Clanfield.  This year is going to bring great things for Adventure Plus and for us lot doing the DisTIL gap year.
I hope you will enjoy reading about all the things we will be getting up to this year as much as we will enjoy doing them. Enjoy lovely readers, stay tuned and God bless 


 My new chapter: Luke 
It has been an amazing year since I started my DisTIL Gap year at Adventure Plus. My faith has grown stronger, my confidence is better with instructing in the activities and having the opportunity to teach and pass down my knowledge to the younger generations is an award in itself. This year I will be aiming towards my 3 star and level 2 coaching certificate in Canoeing and Kayaking along with doing Wall Leader training which I can’t wait to get out there and do, it is also great to see JP being really eager to help me achieve this.
So since I have started my second year I managed to get myself onto Blake School residential at Quinta. I had a fantastic time there and the children were a blast to be around. During that week we had another group come down (the North West Baptist Association) where me and Jonny instructed the canoeing which was great fun, it was also also brilliant to see all the children enjoying their time out on the water and giving it their all. A major highlight of the canoeing session was even when it was tipping it down the children still wanted to go Canoeing and really enjoyed their time out in the rain which was a great encouragement to see. 
Great time canoeing with this group. Me and Jonny got them a little bit too wet

My new chapter: Josh 
I’m now a second year here at A+ and anyone that’s read the blogs knows what that entails. I’m the new Big Cheese, and with that means I’m the one in charge of making sure things get fixed and of course the weekly Dragon school events which is awesome!
TA Witney, children are in bed time for late night snaking!
So recently we've been going through a lot of residentials at the beginning of the year and I had forgotten how simple the Deanery school residential was in comparison with the others. We had quite a bit of spare time when not on sessions and not with the group thus leaving opportunity to create many silly challenges on a playground we had recently heard about and visited one evening. Then it was time for Christ the Sower School. All I can say was that this was one of the greatest year groups I've worked with so far, even to the point that on the last day during breakfast, they were voluntarily quiet! Thus leaving the teachers table as the loudest in the room (they couldn't stand being quiet for so long and began giggling).  It is always a big highlight working on residentials and teaching the kids something new.
So, so-far I have been having an awesome time and even though there’s a lot more I’m doing  I’m definitely enjoying the challenge. But most importantly of all I can finally say that I have gotten better at dealing with the phones!

My new chapter: Marcus
I remember the good times I had in my first year and really wanted to come back so I was looking forward to come back A+ and so far I love it.
Great to have you back Marcus! 
I am looking forward to getting better at Climbing, Canoeing, Mountain Biking and my instructing the activity’s we do. Something else I’m looking forward to is being able to teach kids exiting things and learning new things about myself and God and teaching this to the kids. I’m also looking forward to TA’s (Total Adventure’s) especially TA ski because it my first time on it.
It is still a fun as I remember it, and the residentials are lots of fun and working with the kids is also lots of fun. Doing the training is one of the best parts of the year along with the residential, TA’s and the other events.     

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