Thursday, 15 January 2015

Happy New Year!

The Christmas Holidays are over and a new year has begun. A very exciting new year for a certain person, welcome Joseph to the DisTIL team!
This month we will be talking about what we got up to in the holidays, our New Year’s resolutions and what we are looking forward to in the New Year.

Luke J

Marcus: On Christmas Eve I had dinner with my parents, my little brother and two family friends. We had duck and it was delicious. On Christmas day my Nan came round and we had Pheasant. On Boxing Day we did nothing, I cannot remember what I had for tea that day

On the 27th the rest on the family came round (it was great to see them all) and we had turkey curry. Then on New Year’s Eve we whet to the A+ New Year’s party and it was GOOD!!  The thing I enjoyed most about the New Year’s Eve party was the dancing I went up and had a good jig and threw down my moves.
I have two New Year’s resolutions this year, number 1 get fitter and lose weight. Number two is to read my Bible and pray more so that I can get a better relationship with God

Luke: I had a fantastic Christmas holiday. It was great to see my friends who I haven’t seen in a while and just a chance to spend some time with Mum’s side of the family, which was great as some of them I haven’t seen in over a year. My little cousin was very pleased to find my Dads book he brought a long time ago called “The Master Farter” and gave it a good read.

Christmas is also a time of too much eating. I honestly think I had Christmas ham 4 days in a row as I just kept finding more of it in the fridge since Boxing Day
New Year’s Eve was a good laugh as well. It was just a nice evening of hanging out with my friend and watching Die Hard in Spanish. On New Year’s Day my friend Ed who I hadn’t seen in 6 months came round. It was great just to catch up and play some games just like old times.

Josh: There was spending a few days with my best friend round my house helped out his mum with running things to the dump and used money we got to turn it into a mini t-shirt. No one would accept the money no idea why…..
My big brother finally got laser eye surgery which was ironic because after he was walking around for a few as blind as a bat (he can see now).

On Christmas day we all went to see my Nan and on the way there the car broke down and the clutch completely gave out. We called the emergency brake down people. 30 minutes before they arrived my Dad got in the car because it was cold, turned on the engine to warm up, stretched his legs on the peddles and the clutch sprang to life to our amazement. My still blind brother shouted out “It’s a Christmas miracle!”
Boxing Day we had turkey.
On New Year’s Eve I spent time with my friends I had a great time. Many laughs were shared that night.

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