Monday, 19 January 2015

New Year, new DisTIL

A very exciting thing happened to Adventure Plus on January 12th our newest DisTIL member Joseph joined us. So here is a little introduction from him.

Luke :)

Joseph- Hello I am Joseph Saunders. I am from Zimbabwe and moved into the UK in December.
I worked on my first gap year in Zimbabwe doing sports coaching at a Christian primary school (in my opinion the best in the country) and thoroughly enjoyed working with children. I have always wanted to move to the UK and when I heard of Adventure Plus - through some family friends who know John - heard what they do and that they are a Christian organisation I simply couldn't ignore it. I made a late application because unfortunately I only heard about it in December. They seemed to accept me, and I moved to the UK. It was rather tight as I got here, because I arrived, got off the plane and came in still jet-lagged for my interview. I did however get the place and I moved in to join the team over the second weekend of the New Year. I am still adjusting to it all but I have enjoyed getting to know everyone a little, and understanding what exactly I will be doing.

 I am extremely excited to be able to work with children in an outdoors environment and learning more about God along the way, as well as starting new friendships. It will be a learning curve due to the culture shock and the difference in the way things are run here, but I am ready for the challenge. 

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