Friday, 20 February 2015

TA Ski Day 4

So started day 4 of TA Ski. There was no Ski school thus day which meant we had the day to ourselves. Sadly as much as I would have liked to go skiing that day my legs were extremely stiff from the day before and I knew I had to rest rather than push myself further. That said I had a nice relaxing day reading my Spiderman comics and just looking at the amazing view outside the house we are staying in.
Anyway as I wasn't on the slopes today I thought I would get some other people to tell what their day was like out up on the mountains.
Jp: We went over to First and tried out the flyer, which is a big zip wire where they strap you into a harness and open the door below your feet and you just go. It was a great experience. The only downside of that day was that there was a lot of travelling.

Simon:  Today, we had no ski lessons, so we headed over to Mannlichen for some fun in the sun. However we were first subjected to a massive queue to the cable car. The feeling of waiting for ages and then being crammed into the cable car was quickly forgotten when we reached the top to an amazing clear sunny day. The runs were wide, long and enjoyed by all.  

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