Wednesday, 18 February 2015

TA Ski Day 2

Me in my kangaroo outfit
Well today started off very differently than yesterday. For starters the sun was shining on the mountain tops and we all knew at that moment it was going to be a great day for skiing.  The second part that was different about today was that I had to wear an outfit for winning wipe-out of the day yesterday where my ski boot came off when I was skiing, which apparently has not happened to anyone on TA Ski until that day.

After the ski lesson and lunch we split up into groups on who wanted to have a chilled out ski and those who wanted a more “adventurous” ski.  Luckily the group I was in there were no wipe-outs until the very last moment when for a second time this week my ski boot came off as I forgot to tighten it after lunch. Thankfully in the evening I was not nominated for “wipe-out of the day”.

After dinner Rob did a talk on about how anxiety can affect us in many bad ways, but with a simple prayer and knowing that God is always there for us those frightening things will shrink down.
So overall today was a great day mainly because you could actually see where you were going while skiing and everyone seemed to have a really god day out on the slopes with no hiccups. Looking forward to day 3!


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