Friday, 20 February 2015

TA Ski Day 5

Today was an emotional day…as it was our last day of Ski school. Richard who was our group’s instructor did a fantastic job with us over the week, I learnt a great deal from him in the way I use my weight in skiing and that I didn’t need to take each slope at an extreme speed.

After Ski school we made our way to Mannlichen. As I made my way to our groups' meeting point I lost count of how many people were sunbathing on deck chairs, it felt like I was on the beach. After eating some lunch we all got a bit restless and started a snowball fight which attracted the attention of almost every Swiss person in the area around us.

After an epic snowball fight some of us headed back to our house to rest up and just enjoy chilling out. Some of us went to the coffee shop just down the road where the conversation consisted of my history about Spiderman.

Today was such a great day and as just been fun and laughter all day. I really couldn’t think of a more perfect day this week so far. One more day to go then we will be heading home, but so far this week has been one awesome adventure.

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