Friday, 18 September 2015

Anna's Blog

As a Placement Intern at Adventure Plus I had the pleasure to partly join the DisTIL team.
This meant six months of a “slightly” different culture, six months full of fun, action, new experiences and challenges.  Six months in which I put milk in my tea, drove on the “wrong” side of the road and tried  to learn all the important words my English teacher never thought me ( e.g. shenanigans, wing nut and laaads).

Speaking of Lads, one of the best, and at the same time most challenging, parts of my time in the UK was living with my charming DisTIL/ Elmtree-2 guys. It was amazing to see how all these different characters worked together as a family and made me feel at home. Thank you Simon, Joe, Josh, Luke and Marcus.

I would also like to thank Charles and Grace, Andy M, Andy H. and Rhoda, Josh, Margaret, Sid, Jonny, James, JP, Jon and Tessa, Dave, Dave and Dave, Maria, Penny and Ruth, Sara, Ramesh, Ben Ozzie, Saskia, my lovely (and mad) Windmill Farm Ladies, Simon H, and of course Glyn, who made my stay so amazing.

Probably my best experience during my time with Adventure Plus was the Witney to Westminster Challenge. For all the great people, they canoed, walked or ran the 127 miles, this might sound really ironic but these few days, when I was in the Shore-support team, were some of the most challenging days I have had in a while. This was mainly because I couldn't be on the water with them. I was really disappointed that I was missing out on this great adventure, and cleaning up behind them and carrying their bags didn't help at all in this situation. So it was only when all the canoeists, walkers and runners arrived at Westminster, and I joined in their happiness and laughs, that I realized how much life is about serving others.

So when I now go back to Germany and my everyday Student life, I will not just take my kayaking
and canoeing qualification, improved skills in Excel, bush-craft or social studies work, and my new confidence in speaking English or driving a Minibus, but I will also know that I made some great friends and memories.

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  1. Great Blog Anna... It was FAB having you on our team.
    Thank you for all you brought to us all at A+ - and the young people of course.

    We're missing you already - when are you coming back???