Tuesday, 15 September 2015

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After what has been an incredible time at Adventure Plus it is time for me to take a look back at my time here.
It all began rather slowly as I joined when we were in the process of moving from Crawley to the new base (Windmill Farm). I was immediately implemented into a group of people packing stuff away into boxes and carrying a load of heavy things around. This was not what I expected at all, and to be honest I was rather disheartened during that time, and wondered if that’s all I would do in my time here.
THANKFULLY that changed pretty quickly after we completed the move, as the number of events increased and we became more and more busy. I thoroughly enjoyed the times out of the office spent with children doing all sorts of activities. It wasn’t the activities that I enjoyed as much as the actual time spent with the children. Having fun with them, playing games, chatting and getting to know them, as well as sharing with them the love and joy that God has placed within me.
If I had to choose a favourite activity it would be the biking sessions, not because of the falls that sometimes happened or the crazy skills that some of the children had, but because of the kids who couldn’t learn to ride but by the end of the session I had managed to teach to ride bikes. I found giving the children that skill was the most fulfilling part of the job. It was a clear and vivid example of the impact we have on their lives in sometimes the smallest things. I shall miss being a part of the team here at A Plus, a team full of crazy, driven, entertaining and sometimes grumpy (but funny at the same time) people. I have gained a new confidence in myself and my personality that I didn’t have before. This is thanks to the members within the team who do their best to build each-other up.
I loved the staying in the DisTIL house with Simon, Luke, Josh and Marcus. They were lads with all sorts of personalities and although we had tough times (normally when I won board games) we always had a good laugh together. Then there was the people in the other cottage (Charles, Grace and Anna). I am so thankful for them because on the very few rare times I was in a bad mood they would always manage to pick me up and bring back my happiness. There were many others and if I could I would name them all.

I shall miss being here, working with children and being part of the team, but as a famous man once said “I’ll be back.” Many people have said “No-one really leaves Adventure plus” and I believe it’s true. I may be gone for now but I shall always hope to return.

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