Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Marcus' Blog

What I have taken away from this year:

The things I enjoyed about this year are: Skiing for the first time (as part of TA Ski), learning new skills from Charles and getting more qualifications e.g. my 2*.
Another thing I have enjoyed this year is going on residentials because they are always fun.
Something I have gained from this year is a stronger faith in God because I now have a deeper understanding of him.
I have also improved in my Climbing ability, which is one of my proudest achievements of this year.

Next year:

Next year I will primarily be working with Charles, our sight Manager/Chef at Windmill Farm, to do maintenance work such as: repainting all the buildings, redoing the guttering and many more things.
I will also be doing things with the new DisTIL team as and when they need me to.
What I'm looking forward to the most is learning even more skills in all areas we work in.

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