Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Claire's Blog

Hi! I heard about Adventure Plus when I went to Word Alive this year and spent quite a long time on the mobile climbing wall! I then visited the information stand, and got all the information I needed about the DisTIL year.

I spent just under five years working in a care home, and decided that I wanted to do something different, that challenged and excited me in a new way and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!
I have always loved being active. I have done a variety of sports, and am looking forward to trying some new ones out! Having attended youth groups and come to faith through them, I am passionate about youth work, and I am looking forward to doing that more with A+.

I am running my own blog www.clairedevgapyear.wordpress.com, and I hope to be helping with this blog too, so check both of them for updates on how our year is going!!

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