Friday, 2 October 2015

Marc intro

Hi, I’m Marc; a 21 year old adrenaline seeker recently leaving the retail sector to join the Adventure Plus DisTIL team.

I’ve been working in and around Oxford for the past three years not finding much mental or spiritual fulfillment, hence the decision to apply for DisTIL.

In 2010 I worked as a volunteer at A+ after my dad suggested I tried to be a little bit productive with my summer  before starting a course in Uniformed Public Services (with a vision to join the army). He had previously worked with Jon Cox through his youth group in our hometown of Charlbury.

I personally decided that the DisTIL gap year looked great for me as I love the outdoors and especially biking. A+ could offer me that as well as: spiritual fulfillment, training for more activity instructing and a transformation to my life.

I can’t wait to start my mountain biking instructing and to learn more about God and why we’re here. I am also looking forward to helping on more school residentials where you really get to work with the kids and see what a difference you can make to them through activities such as: team building games, archery, canoeing and kayaking; Plus you get the opportunities to coach them out of their comfort zones, to scale climbing walls, or even set a boat on a river for the first time. 

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