Friday, 30 October 2015


We are ending our busy season now with a couple of year 6 residentials with local primary schools.

We first worked with Christ the Sower a few weeks ago and took them to Quinta Hall.

On the Monday, once the children had arrived we did some team games with them, and a night walk in the evening, learning about the site, under a very full bright moon! Our theme for the evening thoughts was journeys. We played a game with them and had a talk from Emily B about The Lost Sheep.

On the Tuesday I assisted with low ropes, woodland challenge, fencing, archery, and we attempted a wide game in the dark! In the evening we had another game and a talk from Rachel on Jonah, with some great acting from the rest of the team.

Wednesday, I helped with rafting and canoeing and then we took the whole group on a big walk, going through a very long tunnel and over an aqueduct. In the evening the children played some different sports, including four square, basketball, football and skipping. I then did a talk on Noah.

On the Thursday I assisted with climbing. This was great fun for me as it was my first time to see a crag! We drove to Trevor rock in North Wales, and it was a lovely sunny day to be climbing! In the evening we had a talk from Simon on Paul on the road to Damascus, and a bonfire.     
                                                                                                                                                                Friday, we had a big wide game before the children went home, which saw me hiding up a tree for most of the morning! Once the children had left, we spent the afternoon practicing our skills on the low ropes and woodland challenge. After the tiredness set in we went home having had a great week with some great young people that we hope to see again on Total Adventure in the future!

Two weeks later we worked with The Blake primary school, and also took them to Quinta Hall.
Emily B: 
On the 12th October, 3 A+ staff, 4 DisTIL Instructors, 1 Intern and 1 A+ volunteer headed up to Quinta, for the Year 6 Blake School residential.

We started off the week by setting up a few activities ready for the school group.

Once the children arrived we welcomed them, brought all their rather large suitcases in, and then kicked off the afternoon with a number of different team building games. Later that evening, after a delicious dinner, it was time for evening sports such as: Basketball, Skipping, Kubb and Four-square. The evening thought for that day was done by Emily B, based on the parable of the Lost Sheep.

Tuesday started with a hearty breakfast followed by the start of the main activities for the week.

During the week, the children got to do many activities such as: canoeing, rock climbing, archery, biking, fencing and walking. The DisTIL team, just like at Christ the Sower, were able to assist with each activity throughout the week, giving us an excellent first-hand experience of how to lead the sessions. The evening thought for Tuesday was done by Rachel, and some well prepped actors, on the story of Jonah.

On Wednesday morning each group set of to do another activity, and then we all came back for lunch together. The afternoon’s activity was slightly different on this afternoon. All the groups headed down to the low ropes course and completed a variety of woodland challenges, where the DisTIL team were able to put what they had learned to good use. The evening thought on Wednesday was done by Emily C on the story of Noah in the form of a quiz with some sweet prizes.

Thursday saw all the groups going to do the final few activities in both the morning and afternoon. The evening thought that day was done by Marc on the journey that Paul took with God, throughout his life. The final activity for that day was an indoor bonfire (at the fire place in the hall) with many campfire songs and stories told by a variety of people including A+ staff, teachers and even some children.

The final day was a large wide game of hunt the leader. This involved most of us hiding up trees, in the rafters of a small boat and underneath platforms. After having lunch with the children we waved them off early afternoon, shortly following on our journey back to Windmill Farm.

A good week was had by all, being able to see the children grow as people in both the activities and spiritually, as well as having the chance to develop our leadership skills throughout the week. 

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