Friday, 6 November 2015

Beth's introduction

Hello, I'm Beth. I have recently finished my A-levels and have left home in West Wales to join Adventure Plus as a member of the DisTIL instructor team. 

I first heard about the charity a couple of years ago at Word Alive and since then the idea of a gap year training in outdoor activities, as well as a chance to grow spiritually, has always seemed like the perfect option as either a break from study before possibly going to university, or as an opening to a completely new pathway. I felt called to do something brave and new that required me to step out of my comfort zone and away from everything familiar; a change that means putting serving God and helping others before all else.

I am excited and keen to learn new skills in a number of different areas and would love to be able to help and encourage others along the way. I aim to continue learning and remain open-minded and enthusiastic about everything that is to come this year. I have only just got here and already feel part of something so important! I can’t wait to build on my faith in a positive and fulfilling environment as well as learning and helping with activities as a member of the team. Here’s to new adventures!

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