Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Canoe and Kayak Training:

Happy Campers
The start of the year has had the DisTIL team focusing heavily on training for their 2* assessment and Level 1 coaching course for Canoe and Kayak. This has involved us learning basic skills, such as forwards and backwards paddling, multiple sideways strokes and being able to turn the boat on the move, using various techniques, in both canoes and kayaks.

Claire and Ben playing kayak Chicken
After getting to grips with the basic strokes we started to learn how to rescue capsized boats and participants in the water. This has taken a little bit of getting used to, especially coordinating people, paddles and kayaks all at the same time.

Cheeky little tow
The final skill that we have been learning is how to execute an Eskimo rescue in our kayaks. This involves us purposely capsizing our kayaks, letting others know we need help, waiting for them to come along side our boat, then flipping ourselves back up above the surface all whilst staying inside the kayak! This has proved to be the most difficult aspect for everyone so far, however determination and practice has definitely proven successful.

We just loved Rachel's hat...
Within the next two weeks we will be doing our 2* and FSRT assessments as well as going on our Level 1 coaching course. We are all looking forward to these even if we are a little apprehensive.
Check in again soon find out how it went…

Emily B

Trying to be positive about kayaking in the rain
Ben's in-land kayak practice in a puddle

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