Friday, 13 November 2015

Group Outings

One of the best things about being on the new DisTIL team is the chance to spend time together doing fun activities with the A+ family. In the last couple of weeks, despite being very busy with lots of events, we have found the time to do quite a lot!

Several trips to Oxford Brookes climbing wall have not only given us the chance to improve our climbing, but to really enjoy some time out and about in new surroundings. These trips have also given rise to a new tradition, termed “Climbnese” – climbing followed by Chinese take-away. This was truly baptised as a tradition on Marc’s birthday, and we are more than willing to stick with it!

James Traversing

Beth and Rachel Bouldering

Marc belaying Claire's Lead climb

Beth the Tortoise

After a busy but thoroughly enjoyable TA Reunion, we all wanted a relaxed evening in, so obviously the natural thing to do was go trampolining for the evening at Freedog Urban Activity Centre and spend all that spare energy that needed releasing. It’s Basically a big warehouse, L O A D S of trampolines, foam pits to practice our flips and trampoline dodge-ball. We had lots of fun and only sustained a few injuries… which are all healed now so it’s all good!

Trialing (and failing) the Billy Elliot jump

DisTIL Bounce session in the Foam

On Sunday, Claire, Emily B, Beth and I went to the Witney RFC Fireworks display. The massive bonfire was impressive, if a little slow to start, and the fireworks were incredible. The hog roast was a little disappointing for Beth (vegetarian) but the rest of us enjoyed not having to cook whilst looking at the beautiful view of a crackling fire and explosions of colour in the sky.

Sometimes though we just need time to relax and chill in the house, and this usually results in many a film being watched, and some pretty crazy people tend to entertain us even if we don't leave the house...

Ben lying in wait for his next victim

Simon, well, being Simon...

Lots of fun days off have already been had, and I can’t wait for the many more to come!


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