Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Marc on First Aid training

What were you up to last weekend? Well most of the Adventure Plus team found themselves in Windmill Barn ready to begin a two day first aid course, with no idea what to expect!

The course focused on administering first aid in places & scenarios where resources and help are a bit more limited and inaccessible compared to our usual civilisation.

Amidst lots of teaching and PowerPoints, we spent a lot of time doing practical scenarios; practicing CPR, pretending our training partners were unconscious, bleeding, not breathing etc.. We had ridiculous amounts of fun whilst learning what to do in those situations.

Most of us are looking forward to having our Basic Expedition Leadership (BEL) course coming up at the end of the month. Therefore, for this it is essential that we are confident in administering first aid in remote places, as soon we’ll all be in places where we may likely have to respond to an emergency ourselves.

I personally learned about prioritising when you’re dealing with multiple casualties as well as the ‘ABC’ method: Airway- check the casualty CAN breathe, Breathing- check the casualty IS breathing and Circulation- check for bleeding and make sure blood is circulating around the body.

I’ve done a couple of first aid courses before but I also learned you can never have too much first aid training because the methods are always being updated and it’s great for refreshing and building on what I’d previously learned.

I hope to go into the Outdoor Activity industry following this DisTIL training year.  With the skills I gained on this course, which I hope I don’t have to use, I feel safe in the knowledge I could successfully deal with an incident should one occur in a group I am leading. Plus this qualification looks great on a CV!

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