Friday, 11 December 2015


BEL: Training & Practice Expedition

Fresh from our week at Ashburnham becoming Level 1 paddle-sport coaches, the DisTIL team found ourselves sat in the training room, bursting with energy and ready for two weeks of the 'Basic Expedition Leaders' course.
The 'BEL' course enables the qualified participants to: lead walking groups in lowland environments, teach skills and knowledge, plan and assist with walks and expeditions and teach the use of appropriate equipment. We are also solely or partly responsible for the group when out on expeditions such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s award.

Beauty Shining through Gods Creation

8.30am on 7th December, we left Windmill Farm for the beautiful Forest of Dean to practice our navigational, camping and walking skills and, apart from the weather the following day, it was a fantastic experience and a privilege to be around such amazing scenery!!

Smiles all around in this team :)

The course is segmented into 9 different units such as;
    planning walks (routes, distance, time, location...)
    preparation for an expedition (equipment needed, accommodation, food & drinks…)
    navigation (bearings, using a map and different techniques, using surroundings to locate yourself on a map…) plus many more parts for expedition leadership.

Concluding this course, the DisTIL team have some great opportunities to work with youth groups, schools and church groups who have never left a big city or have never navigated the great outdoors before. For example we provide D of E opportunities in canoes as well as hiking.

How many hikers can you fit on an old childs slide?!

The best memory from our 2 day adventure near Coleford was night navigating our way to the pub for a group chin-wag and a much needed beer!

JP has a new love

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