Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Congratulations to all our newly qualified Canoe and Kayak Level 1 Coaches!

Over the past week the DisTIL team and Jon have been up at Ashburnham Place where we all took part in the Level Canoe and Kayak coaching course (bar Jon who ran it...).

Lessons with Martin

It was, as you can imagine in November, quite cold and not always the most pleasant of weather, and sometimes you just wanted to be tucked up with a cup of tea inside the building, rather that taking your chances floating in a cold lake.
However I am pleased to tell you that, although there were a few struggles along the way (mainly those dreaded Eskimo rescues), the whole team are now officially Level 1 Coaches for Canoeing and Kayaking! Congratulations guys!
Celebrating with our winners Medals

During the course we all learnt valuable new skills both in and outside of the boats, for example most of us had never been in a sea-kayak before last week, but can now coach others in how to use them.
We also had the privilege of meeting the teams from other outdoor centers, and make some new friends that we hope to stay in contact with in the future.

Marc + Fabian enjoying some great food
One of my favorite memories was when we were invited to a Brazilian party to celebrate the birthday of one the staff at Ashburnham. It was so much fun and a good break from being cold and wet in the lake (although a few of us did end up having to take second showers after a rather messy quiz that ended with cream in our hair...)

Overall we are all happy to have passed and are looking forward to imparting our newly found knowledge and skills on the groups we will be coaching in the future, and encouraging them in their adventures as we continue to take on ours here at Adventure Plus.
Group selfie for the Happy New Coaches

Do stay in touch and Contact us if you have any further questions on anything you have read here.

Emily C

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