Wednesday, 27 January 2016

January Catch up

Hello again!
Here’s what’s been going on over the past couple of weeks at Adventure Plus:

On the first Monday back the DisTIL team headed out on a bike ride as part of the ‘Mountain-bike instructors Award Scheme’ (MIAS) and last Wednesday headed to Bracknell forest to the mountain-bike trail, you can read more about this training in last Friday’s Blog Post. 

Last week we began training for the mobile climbing wall with Josh. Firstly we were shown how to attach the wall to the land Rover so that it can be transported to events. After setting up the wall we were given a chance to climb and also had to think about how to understand and communicate with children when they are climbing the wall.

Freezing in Mobile Wall Training
Also this month we said goodbye to our favourite South Africans and wonderful catering duo; Charles and Grace. Over the last week we’ve been helping them pack and get ready for a new adventure and have also acquired the remains of their food cupboards (we’re not complaining!). On Wednesday Simon organised a ‘Good-braai’ party, braai is the South African version of a Barbecue so therefore involved a lot of meat and a few vegetables. The evening was enjoyed by all; we played charades and enjoyed each other’s company.  The following day the team arranged an afternoon tea as a final goodbye and everyone one had a chance to tell Charles and Grace the things they loved about them! There were a few tears, but all good ones so it’s fine. That evening we waved, ‘see you soon’ to them as they set off on their adventure. As some of the most generous and warm hearted people around they will be greatly missed!

DisTILwith our surrogate Parents
Last week all of the A-plus staff have been involved in ‘team time’, the aim of which was to bring everyone up to speed on what’s going on in each of the different departments and to spend time as a team. On Tuesday afternoon we looked at the marketing side of adventure plus. In small groups we discussed the current Marketing of Adventure Plus and also thought about new ideas for Marketing, such as ways to adapt the activities we currently offer and activities which we might want to make available in the future. After this we played some new   teams games which were organised by Rachel (The DisTIL team had a bit of an advantage as we had a chance to crash test these games just after Christmas!). We also introduced everyone to one of our favourite games ‘my chair” before wrapping up for dinner time. We were lucky enough to have lasagne (veggie for me) and garlic bread made for us by windmill farms new chef Matt which was absolutely delicious! After this we headed to Canfield football club to play skittles.
Carpet Darts

The second day of team time began with a talk on Abraham from Gerald who has recently become the Chaplain for Adventure Plus, this was followed by prayer lead by Rachel. Throughout the rest of the day Andy lead a fire safety talk Jon gave an update about what’s happening with Windmill farm and Adventure Plus as a whole, followed by a presentation from Dave focusing on the Adventure Base. In small groups we had a chance to discuss our ideas for the Base and designed layouts featuring these ideas. Rachel gave us a refresher on first aid and safety for onsite. The entire day was a great chance to find out what’s been going on in different areas of Adventure Plus and get everyone on the same page.
Dave's explaining Adventure Base plans

Thursday was the final day of team time and was also mine and Rachel’s Birthdays! The morning started off with a Birthday Breakfast of Pancakes! After that team time began at 10 with defibrillator training with an Oxfordshire Ambulance Officer named Ian. He ran through the basic procedure of responding to a first aid situation as well as when and how we would use an Automated Emergency Defibrillator (AED). As soon as the training was over everyone got kitted up and ready for a team Canoe trip. We drove to the river and paired up, after canoeing for about 20 minutes we stopped for lunch and Birthday cake! After lunch we Canoed to Grafton before heading home. The canoe trip was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it, even those who haven't spent much time paddling before!

Team time was great and it was really good to spend time with everyone while we have the chance to, there is a lot of exciting things going on at Adventure Plus and the future is looking bright but also busy! Keep reading to find out what’s going on, the ski trip is just around the corner and then we’ll be into the busy season and a lot more events!


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