Friday, 22 January 2016

MIAS Training

Wednesday 13th January was a great day for me as we got to do my favourite activity for a whole day, MOUNTAIN BIKING!

DisTIL Squad ready for Biking
Swinley Forest (aka The Lookout), in Bracknell, provides a variety of amazing trails that are colour coded to suit the skills and experience of bikers. It’s a fantastic place to go if you’re into real mountain biking!!

 As part of our instructor training we are doing MIAS, the Mountain-Bike Instructor Award Scheme that grants instructors the ability to lead groups on the biking sessions that Adventure Plus offer.  Our training for this qualification involves ensuring participants are using correct, safe and well maintained kit, and also route planning, technical abilities and group management skills.

Marc on the Bumps

Best bits; smashing it down some steep hills into birms (as well as getting some cheeky airtime) & spending the day with some great people!

Downhill in the Forest

Worst bits; all the uphill work to get to the downhill parts…

I’m excited for the prospects this qualification will allow, for example leading groups of young people into loving the sport I also love! It is such a great way to get out in God’s creation and cover some ground (or air).  

Peace Out until next time


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