Friday, 29 January 2016

TA Ski Preperations

Hi all!

Thursday 4th February marks the eagerly-anticipated annual Adventure Plus trip to the Swiss Alps.

The first week, A+ Ski Week, is for adults and families whereas the second week, Total Adventure Ski, is aimed at 13+ youngsters looking for a parent-free exhilarating week in the stunning Jungfrau region exploring god’s creation on the side of some pretty big mountains.

Of course Adventure Plus cannot just ‘pack up and go.’ Many preparations began at the conclusion of ‘TA Ski 2015’, but recently the DisTIL team found themselves armed with head torches, ratchets and a wide range of tools, nuts and bolts to get the minibuses ready for the 14-15 hour, 1213 kilometre journey (one way!).
Ben removing seats

We were mainly tasked with rearranging the seats and putting in emergency equipment such as: snow chains, shovels, tarps etc…

Beth and Claire hard at work
Apart from getting the side of my gilet caught on an axle resulting in a long tear from the bottom to almost the armpit, we had great fun underneath the three vans. I thoroughly enjoyed bashing my head and elongated limbs on different parts of the chassis, but no complaints as it was great experience for future vehicle fitting and vehicle checks.

Marc Under the Bus Pre gilet rip
Let’s see what Emily B is looking forward to:

Emily and Marc catching some zzzzs...

I am looking forward to being able to get out into a completely different part of God’s creation, being able to spend time skiing in it, learning new skills and creating some good memories in the process with good friends. Another aspect I am excited about is being able to look at God’s word with others,and then being able to apply it to my everyday life, when I get back.

Check in over the next couple of weeks for Daily updates of how we get on on the slopes!

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