Sunday, 7 February 2016

A+ Ski Arrival and Day 1

Hey Everyone!!

So as you might have guessed we are all too excited as we have made to the Swiss Alps!!

After two successful airport pick-ups, a snowball fight and a spot of sledging yesterday the whole team is here and we have begun skiing.

Happy Campers collected from the airport
Snow ball fight!! (thanks for that one Emily B...)
Emily B, Beth and Chris had morning ski school and had their first ever days skiing on real snow, and some of them even managed to get on a blue run in the afternoon!

Some others had afternoon ski school, and some of us just free-skied all day.

We were all treated to a great surprise when we met up with Pete and his swiss crew half way down a red run this morning! Pete used to work at A+, so it was so good to see him out in his new natural habitat in the Swiss Alps.

Pete and Swiss Crew (+Jon...)
The weather was okay to begin with, a little cloudy but visibility was fine, and snow was better than first expected.
However after lunch the cloud came in and the snow came down (great news for us as there wasn't too much snow, but not ideal to ski in) so visibility went down, and many of us had to bail and come down the mountain early :(

Christine enjoying the morning runs
But no fear, as we can always go out again tomorrow, and try out the fresh powder snow awaiting us!

When we returned, we enjoyed tea and cake, and later had a delicious dinner of  Creamy chicken pasta and veg, with crumble and custard for dessert.

We are all very much looking forward to tomorrow and finding out who had the best wipe-out today, winning them the prize of wearing the 'Ski Patrol' Hoodie on the slopes.

Check in tomorrow for our next up-date!

Emily, Beth and Emily B

Drive to the lovely Lauterbrunnen

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