Monday, 8 February 2016

A+ Ski Day 2- The Winds of Change

Welcome back readers!

Today we have a special guest writer: Mr Finbarr Holland

Read on to find out his artistic representation of Day 2 in the Swiss Alps:

"Mate it was blowing a right hooley up there on the mountain (Australian accent). Sad news, we lost Beth to a force 9 wind. It just picked her up and she flew off. After intense discussion we have decided that it was the fact that her jacket was half done up, making her into a small kite.
Oh, she's just made it back.
Apparently she took a bus halfway round Switzerland having flown to Calais on one gust.
But that wasn't the worst of it!
Breaking news, junior Cox-inator( EC), along with the aunty Lucille, managed to spend an hour on the same train going backwards and forwards. There were only two stops!
Absolute genius.
They went to the buffet car and just had a three course meal until they finally realised!
Having laughed at some Japanese tourists who missed the train, they realised they were now on the same train as the Japanese! So the dominant duo went to go over to the poor tourists, and taunt them that they had missed the first train. The Japanese were confused and eventually realised this meant they were now on the same journey for a second time!

But the highlight of the day was also wipe-out of the day. Aunty lulu had a spectacular wipe-out, but didn't win even though she used a beginner to break her fall and pushed her into a ditch!
The wonderful hula skirt and ski patrol jacket goes to ............ Emily Baker!! For not only crashing and losing both her skies and poles, she also managed to lose one of her boots, which remained attached to her left ski?!
Anna cox then promptly pulled up and informed Emily that her problem was that she was sticking her pole in too hard. Anna then realised that actually Emily now had one sock on one foot and a boot on the other foot, Letting an great big OOHHH, Anna took all her previous comments back and fell over laughing.
Many other things have taken place during the course of the day, but if we were to write them all they would fill all the books in the world..."

Thanks for that Finn,

Check in tomorrow to find out the new wipe-out of the day winner and what shenanigans go down on Day 3.

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