Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A+ Ski Day 3+4

Hey Readers,

Sorry we missed a post yesterday, so here's a double whammy!

So day 3:

Finn, Hamish and I got up early and went to Mannlichen to try and get few extra runs in. We were supposed to meet everyone else there, but were then told they had gone up to First, so we headed off on a journey up the cable car having completed the longest queue we could have imagined! It was at the start of this queue that Hamish left us, and went to ski some more at Mannlichen.

Having finally found the others we soon discovered that Emily B had hurt her knee and was to be taken down the rest of the mountain on a ski-doo! However fear not for she is now okay!
Furthermore John took a tumble and unfortunately hurt his wrist, so hasn't skied on day 4 either.

The worthy winner of Wipe-out of the Day went to Marcus, for slipping and getting trapped under the chairlift whilst the chairs kept passing over his head!  
However there were a few other nominations worth mentioning, for example what happened when the Cox sisters decided to try their luck on the jumps (no thanks to Finn's encouragement).....
Anna was a little too confident on her jump and headed up to it at quite a speed, causing her to do a lovely star shape in the air, before landing on one ski then collapsing into the snow.
I also tried a jump or two... I landed the first two (yay!) , but then accidentally took a much larger jump that I hadn't seen, due to it blending into the snow in the flat light, and face planted the snow at the bottom!
I also took a rather stunning tumble down a steep red when one ski was taken off by an ice block, causing me to fall over, lose both skis, and then do a series of hot dog rolls down the slope to the bottom leaving my skis and poles scattered around the slope above me! Luckily no-one witnessed it, so it wasn't in the running for the Wipe-out of the Day.

We all finally got down, mostly unscathed, and ate a lovely meal of Spaghetti Bolognaise and garlic bread with birthday cake for dessert.
Ah yes I forgot to mention it was Finn's birthday! Therefore at the end of the day everyone headed across the road to the pub for a couple of drinks and multiple renditions of Stevie Wonder's 'Happy Birthday to You' in a few different languages!

Day 4:

So today was day four.
It was great because there was a large dump of snow last night, meaning lovely fresh powder on the pistes! We all headed up to Winteregg apart from Emily B and Beth who opted for a well deserved lie in instead, but joined us for lunch time. Anyway we all had a good few runs down the pistes at Winteregg, then met for lunch in the cafe, and then headed off in separate directions. Most went to Murren and then skied on home, but some went to the James Bond Museum, which we soon discovered is under construction when we accidentally interrupted the lunch break of a couple to workers... unfortunately the ski run at the Schilthorn was not open much to the disappointment of Finn. After a wonder around the museum and revolving restaurant Emily B, Beth and I headed back to the chalet while Finn went to ski else where.
It turns out he found Anna, Chris and Tessa at Winteregg and they decided to ski back down to Lauterbrunnen together. However during their travels the piste ran out of snow, so they had to complete a rather long descent down the mountain on foot!
They eventually returned at the ripe of time of 6:30 and then we all enjoyed a meal of Beef Goulash with Apple cake for dessert.

We are yet to find out what is in store in terms of nominations for Wipe-out of the Day, but check in tomorrow to find out what happened!

Emily :) 

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