Thursday, 11 February 2016

A+ Ski Day 5

Aloha Readers, 

Day five on the slopes has come to an end and, as per usual, there is much to tell.. . 
Today the crew went two separate ways, some of us returned to Winteregg and Murren while the others went back to Kleine Scheidegg. 
The weather has been lovely, the skies have been clear and blue, and the views from the higher points of the mountains were beautiful! 

Beautiful Veiws
This morning Emily C, Finn and Hamish got up early and managed to be first in line for the chairlift at Winteregg and therefore took the first run down the freshly bashed piste that day!
Those who weren't injured managed to get in several runs throughout the morning, included John who was injured yesterday!
Those of us on this side of the mountains met for lunch at Birg.
After a slightly longer than usual lunch break in the sunshine laid on giant beanbags, the ski day continued with Jon, Finn, Hamish and Emily C venturing to the top of the Schilthorn to visit the James Bond museum and ski the renowned black run back down to Birg. For Emily B and I it was time for hot chocolate and chips back at the chalet, but we feel ready to ski tomorrow so all is good here in the Alps! 

Lunch in the Sun
On the other side of the mountains at Kleine Scheidegg the others also had a great time skiing, enjoying the sunshine and the equally as beautiful views. However this bunch haven't returned home without stories... Chris took a tumble off the edge of the piste (and lived to tell the tale) and Christine took a tumble off of her deck chair... never a dull moment here! 

Apparently there have been a couple of quite spectacular wipe-outs today so read tomorrows post to find out who yesterdays winner Chris hands over the wipe-out costume to…

​Peace Out, 


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