Friday, 12 February 2016

A+ Ski Day 6 - The Final Countdown!

Greetings , 

It’s the end of the sixth day on the slopes and for all but four of us it is also the last, but what a week it has been! We spent this lovely Friday back at Kleine Scheidegg where we split up to try different runs throughout the mountain. Emily C, Finn and Tessa were the first to ski this morning on the freshly bashed slopes! 
First Ones up for first run down!
Emily B and Beth were able to ski again but decided not to push it and spent the day on the learner slopes. The morning flew by and before we knew it it was time to meet for lunch.
Emily C + Finn
Marcus + Nick

 Marcus and Nick had spent the morning at ski school and everyone else went to do their own thing including the World Cup Run, the Lauberhorn, by Emily C, Jon, Finn and Anna. 
Ready for the Lauberhorn
Beth's flying

Emily B back to skiing!
After lunch we once again spread out across the mountain. Emily B and Beth returned to the learner slope for what we anticipated to be a quiet and relaxed afternoon... but they were wrong. It wasn't long before they were joined by a group of beginners who were putting on their ski’s, for probably the first time ever, and within minutes the slope had become an obstacle course of people, poles and skis, it was practically a black run! 

Rocking the travelator
The ski day finally finished with Jon, Marcus, Anna, Finn, Chris and Emily C coming in from the last run down to Wengen, a very slow run that almost caused them to miss the train! 
In the evening we all ate a delicious Tapas style dinner of a mix of food left over from the night we have been here. 

Finally we must tell you that wipe-out of the day winner yesterday was Finn after a spectacularly big jump that ended with him losing both skis as he roly-pollied into a giant pile of powder (having landed the jump first, obviously). The best part is it’s all on camera!! He took a rather novel approach to the wipe-out outfit and ended up with a full head of multicoloured deadlocks. 

Well that's all from us fron A+Ski Week 2016, but come back on Sunday for the first blog post of TA Ski with a whole new range of people and stories to tell.

Auf Wiedersehen,

Beth + Emily C

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