Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Directors Day

On Saturday 30th January 2016 we held our annual Directors Days here at our new site on Windmill Farm.

We had a total of about 80 guests that filled the Conference Hall to hear all about how Adventure Plus has been getting on this year, and some of the plans for the year to come.
All the guests

The day was kick started with couple of worship songs lead by a very gifted volunteer, Martin Thomas, who also showed us some new books he has just had published!

We then moved onto some short presentations from each of the section leaders and section workers: Jonny = Aim, JP = DisTIL, Simon = Total Adventure Holidays, Dave + Jon = The Adventure Base plans.
Jon Introducing Matt
We then had a short break where we had Tea, Coffee and some delicious cakes and cookies homemade by our new Chef Matt.

Emily B explaining our new ideas over the break

After the Break some of the younger guests took part in Climbing and other activities in the Activity Hall to give them a taste of just how much fun they could have should they come on a Total Adventure Holiday.
Meanwhile in the Conference Hall the presentation continued, starting with 'Finance (Yippee)' as Will liked to put it. We then heard from the Fundraising and Marketing Teams, and I gave a short talk on some of the new Initiatives we have coming up, for Example: 'Your Year, Your Adventure', 'Break Away' and 'Lead the Way'.

Will on Finance (Yippee)
After this, the meeting concluded with another song and prayers from each leader again, telling us how we could pray for their department specifically.

The day was a great success with a large variety of guests from all over the country!
Clearly enjoying themselves

Check out the Blog on Friday for our first Blog on A+ Ski Week!

See you soon :)


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