Sunday, 14 February 2016

TA Ski Day 1- we have lift off...finally..

Finally we are all here!

Last night all campers and staff safely made it to Switzerland, however the times at which they made it to the chalet were slightly different....
Unfortunately one of the buses broke down, meaning some had to wait a while to be able to carry on the journey and didn't arrive to the chalet until 10:00 pm. However fear not for there was dinner ready for them and everyone was on hand to settle them into their rooms as soon as possible!

This morning we set off up the mountain for the first day of skiing this week.
The weather was beautiful with blue skies and the snow was great. However it soon got a bit icy...But that was okay because in the afternoon the clouds opened and we were treated to fresh powder all over the mountain!
Blue Skis and Beautiful Views
The beginners joined ski school and headed off to the nursery slope for the morning, for some of them it was their first time on real snow!
Meanwhile some of the others joined a different class and some of us set off on our own adventures.
Chairlift Selfie
We all met up for lunch at the Tipi then set off again. I went with Sid, Hannah, Sam and Abbie for some blue runs, then we met up with the Leighton family and Jonny for a hot chocolate and a catch up before the final run down to Wengen (but I took the rain...).
Rachel and Amie on Lunch break
Claire and Beth took back to the nursery slope to practice the art of falling over (well as least that's what I saw from the way down there, but I am sure that was only temporary). It sounds like they had a great afternoon with Zoe who was in for a shock when she was walking along and realised the piste ended only a bit too late and walked straight off the edge!! She is all fine now and laughed it off graciously.
Beth watching Claire for the art of falling over 

We have all now made it back to the chalet in one piece and  have enjoyed a meal of creamy chicken and pasta with vegetables, followed by crumble and custard for dessert!

Come back tomorrow to find out who wins the Wipe-Out of the Day (for which there are a few great nominations....) and gets the great pleasure of wearing the Wipe-Outfit.

Until then....


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