Monday, 15 February 2016

TA Ski Day 2

Hello readers,

Today has been a pretty relaxed day with plenty of powder on the pistes.
This morning we all headed off on the train up to Kleine Scheidegg. The beginners went to ski school on the nursery slope, and the slightly more advanced group in the morning went on the blue and even a red!

The rest of us joined forces and went on a journey down the reds to Grindelwald where we took the longest bubble car in Europe back up to Manlichenn, then we skied back across to Kleine Scheidegg to meet everyone for lunch.
Simon just chilling on the piste

At lunch time the Snow came down in huge chunks and fresh powder covered the pistes, making afternoon skiing very pleasant.
Dad and Daughter Lunchtime meeting at the Tipi

In the afternoon I went home on the train with Beth, Olivia and Jessie whilst the others went off on some more runs either with ski school or in private groups. Sid, Abbie, Hannah, Claudia and Russell took a trip down the blue to Brandegg and enjoyed some amazing views from under the snow clouds.

Hi Ben!

It sounds like they all had a great afternoon, and  Claire says she has really turned a corner, and can now actually ski!!

Claire showing off her new skills

We have now all made it back to the chalet, and are waiting patiently for a lovely dinner of Pork and Chorizo with potato and peas, and Brownies and Ice-cream for dessert, all made by Sid and Beth her helper.

Now for the bit we all really want to hear about: Who won Wipe-out of the Day?
Answer = Sam Plumbe
He took a number of great falls during the day, none too serious though and he was not harmed in any way (except maybe his pride..). However the real winning element was that we managed to capture two of the better falls on camera, and they provided much entertainment for us in the evening.
This was a close call between him and Simon, who took a rather unexpected adventure yesterday to rescue Saskia's missing snowboard from some very deep snow, and he filmed himself falling down a hole!
Sam nearly earned himself another nomination today after he managed to lose a ski and carried on down the slope on one ski and a ski-boot, Impressive? I think so!

Sam rocking the Wipe-Outfit
Anyway that's all for today, so come back to find out who wins tomorrow.


We love skiing!!

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