Tuesday, 16 February 2016

TA Ski Day 3

Hello from Lauterbrunnen!

Today was Day 3 of TA Ski! It was a slightly different day to previous ones, as some of us started in Mannlichen, whilst others skied across from Kleine Scheidegg to meet us for lunch. 
Unfortunately though Zoe had injured her leg yesterday after a collision with Annabelle, and Beth was feeling unwell so they stayed behind in the chalet with Emily. Olivia also didn't ski so went on a little shopping adventure with Simon in the morning and chilled in the cafe in the afternoon before heading back to the chalet. Also the views are supposed to be really good from Mannlichen, but it was very cloudy so we couldn't really see much at all :(

Olivia the pole master (that's a big sandwich!)
On a more positive note, Annabelle and I went to our beginners ski lesson, in which we went down our first proper blue run! We followed our ski instructor, making lots of turns and taking it quite slowly! We then had our first go at a ski lift, and made it back successfully to the top to meet everyone for lunch.

Russell where are you?!

Chairlift selfies with Sam, Lucy and Matt
After lunch, a few snowballs and dunking each other in the snow, we were soon raring to get back on the slopes. The clouds had really come in now, and we couldn't see very far ahead of us! However, Jon, Helen, Abi, Lucy, Hannah, Annabelle and I, took a trip down the blue run again. With some help from Jon, Helen and Lucy, Annabelle and I made it down with out too many problems. We did it one more time and then a few of us decided to head back to the chalet. Some people stayed on the mountain to do a few more runs down.

Claire, Lucy and Hannah on the Blue

Sam and Hannah taking it easy on the slopes
Now we can get onto who won wipe out of the day yesterday! It is a person that already earned the title last week on the A+ week and yesterday he won by a massive majority. It is none other than Hamish! Apparently he went off piste and ended up in snow up to his waist! Well done Hamish! This time he wore the costume the right way round, proudly displaying the ‘ski patrol’ writing!

Check back in tomorrow for more stories of our time in the Swiss Alps and to find out who wins the prize of the crazy Wipe-Outfit.

Rachel looking far too cool!


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